“Ultimate Boxing Lessons” COMPLETE 8 DVD BOXED SET, Starring Boxing Coach Christopher Getz

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About the Actor

Renowned boxing Coach Christopher Getz is one of the world’s most sought after trainers. For over 10 years Getz has been owner and head instructor of the popular Black Tiger-Top Ten Boxing Gym, in San Diego, California, where he trains many top amateur and pro boxers along with Muay Thai and mixed martial arts fighters looking to improve their boxing skills.

With over 18 years experience as a trainer and fighter, Coach Getz began his boxing career on the East Coast where he grew up and trained with renowned Coach Lee Walls. He trained extensively at the famous Harrow Gate and 69th St. Pal Upper Darby Boxing Gyms in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As a successful amateur and Golden Gloves boxer Getz also fought Kickboxing under the Professional Kickboxing Association (PKA) where he had an impressive 17-5-1 record and held the amateur welterweight title. Getz is also an experienced Muay Thai fighter with a record 5-0-1 in this brutal leg kicking and elbow striking combat art. He attributes his many kickboxing and Muay Thai wins to his skilled boxing techniques, which Getz feels many kick boxers’ lack. Indeed many of Getz’ kickboxing opponents were knocked out quickly by his devastating boxers left hook and right cross. Some of Coach Getz’ top students include up and coming featherweight pro boxer Alex Cruz, amateur bantamweight boxer and Muay Thai fighter Ulises Nava and Champion Female Muay Thai fighter Lisa Morrison. Besides his extensive boxing background Getz also holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Ed Parker’s American Kenpo Karate under Master Dennis Nackord of Nackord’s Kenpo Karate in Philadelphia.

As a Certified USA Boxing Trainer and California Licensed Boxing Coach,Chris Getz is proud to share his valuable knowledge in this highly informative Ultimate Boxing Lessons instructional series. With the Ultimate Boxing Lessons training series you can now easily learn all the techniques and training routines needed to master the sport of boxing in the comfort of your own home. Whether your goal is to become and amateur, pro, to learn boxing self-defense or to just get in great shape, then Chris Getz’ Ultimate Boxing Lessons instructional series is for you! With Coach Getz’ ULTIMATE BOXING LESSONS series everyone now has the opportunity to quickly develop devastating knockout power and punching techniques only found in the sport of boxing. The sad truth is many beginning and even experienced boxers along with many mixed martial arts fighters lack good boxing skills and real punching power. Only through the understanding of correct boxing punching technique, body mechanics and effective training routines can you develop the punching skills needed to wear down and knockout an opponent in competition or street fight! In great detail and easy to understand presentation, Chris Getz gives you all the important inside boxing secrets and boxing techniques needed to make you an effective punching machine! The fact is in 9 out of 10 street fights a good boxer will win against any opponent because of the boxer’s superior conditioning, reflexes and punching ability! Unless you can box with some skill you will never be a complete fighter! Bring your striking skills up to a higher level and start boxing like a pro by ordering Chris Getz’ “ULTIMATE BOXING LESSONS” 8 DVD BOXED SET TODAY!


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