Boxing Training Exercises for Fitness

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Boxing Training Exercises

Perhaps you are just curious, or maybe you want to prepare for Boxing classes by learning some of the boxing training exercises. While every gym will be different, there are some core exercises that you should be competent at doing. Don’t make the mistake I did and show up having not tried any of these for a long time. I would recommend at least a couple of weeks of doing these at home before you partake in any boxing classes.

The Original Boxing Training Exercises

Jumping Rope. This exercise has been around forever and is one of the most used in boxing and fitness. Every single day you are expected to warm you with 15 minutes of jumping rope. It increases endurance, helps in coordination and works your legs a ton. To make it a little more exciting try to learn moves with the jump-rope.

Push Ups. A military staple that works the chest, shoulders and arms. Push-ups are done in a lot more training classes than just fitness boxing. It works your arms shoulders and chest which all happen to be used in throwing a punch. You should be able to do at least 20 in a row without a break when starting.

Sit Ups. The first ab workout that was used in the military to prepare soldiers for combat. While many want you only to do crunches, the full sit-ups work more muscles and help in muscle explosion for stronger punches. Don’t just do crunches!

More Boxing Exercises for Training

Planks. The bain of my existence! I don’t like planks because they seem like they should be easy and yet they aren’t. Not only are they not easy planks work a lot of muscle groups including abs, back, arms, shoulders and your buttocks.

Mountain Climbers. Burning calories here we come. This exercise works the triceps, shoulders and abs. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise when done intensely. Many people do this wrong, so I have included a quick video:

Burpees. Another fat busting exercise that works for multiple muscle groups while expanding your cardiovascular fitness. Boxing Training Exercises like this are a core of any gym that does boxing training. This exercise shows you if you are in shape or not. Here is a video to show you the proper form:

Lunges. While all of the activities we do work your legs none focus on them. Lunges change that. The purpose is to build your strength in the quads and the hamstring. You can do lunges many different ways but if you genuinely want to work the legs make sure your knee goes all the way down to about an inch above the ground.

Squat Jumps. Anytime you have to do squats you should be worried. Squats are the quintessential multiple muscle group workout killer. Squats work all areas of the body but especially make your quads burn. Throw in the jump, and you have a great cardiovascular exercise.

Advanced Ab Workouts for Boxing Training

Medicine Ball Sit Ups. This one is pretty simple but helps build stomach strength. Just do a regular sit up but have the medicine ball in your hands and stretch it out when you lay back. It strengthens the abs!

Bicycle Kicks. These are mostly done for abs but also give you a little fitness as well. Here is a proper demonstration of these ab crushers:

Leg Raises. When doing all the other boxing training exercises, this one becomes the hidden killer. It seems like boxing gyms like to keep these last, so they are so dammed hard. I almost always end up only lifting one leg at a time and switching them back and forth.

Effective Use of Boxing Exercises

So the key to these exercises is that they must be completed one after the other. I would say pick out six of these exercises and do them back to back at thirty seconds for each one. That is only a three-minute circuit then rest a minute. Do this circuit at least three times but really up to five if you want to be in proper shape. I know, this is hard, but if you’re going to be in “Box for Fitness” shape, this is what you must do.

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